In Dhaka, 90% of people use cleaning services. Here, professional cleaners will get your home or office spotless in no time. Prices for this service vary depending on the size of the property and the number of rooms involved, but you can be sure that you’ll end up spending a reasonable amount. So if you require a quick and easy cleaning solution, Dhaka is the place to be.

Most cleaning services in Dhaka start at 400 BDT. For more, you can call 01716-399939

Compare different types of services in Dhaka

There are many different cleaning services available in Dhaka, and it can take time to decide which is best for your needs. Here is a comparison of four popular types of cleaning services:

Domestic Cleaning: This service focuses on cleaning residential homes or offices. They usually charge by the hour and typically provide basic amenities such as shampoo, water, and towels.

Commercial Cleaning:These cleaners work in commercial settings such as restaurants, hospitals, or office buildings. They may specialize in specific areas like food preparation or healthcare equipment maintenance.

Home & Office Mapping & Inspection:This type of service maps out your home’s cleanliness score (based on points given for each room), checks to make sure that all issues have been met, and gives you tips on how to improve your hygiene rating.

Move Out/New House Cleaning:If you’re moving into a new house or apartment soon, this might be the exemplary service for you! These professionals will come prepared with garbage bags and vacuum cleaner accessories.

How frequently should the service be performed?

There is no universal answer to this question since it depends on your house or office size, the type of cleanliness you are looking for, and other factors. However, a good rule of thumb is to perform a deep clean every three months (or once per year) for larger spaces or every three months for smaller ones.

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