Sofa Cleaning

Clean N Care provides all type of Sofa Cleaning Services in Bangladesh. SOFA CLEANING service in Dhaka are our residential and commercial buyers the maximal standards of quality, politeness, honesty, and expertise in every sight of Sofa and upholstery maintenance services. Ours is the best sofa cleaning service.

Categories of sofa: Small Cushion, Big Cushion, Small Carpet, Medium Carpet, Large Carpet, Single Mattress Steaming, Queen Mattress Steaming, King Mattress Steaming.

Fabric sofa cleaning:

  • UV treatment will kill all the germs and allergens.
  • Dust Extraction using HEPA filter vacuum to remove the dust and allergens.
  • Shampoo using 90% Foam, 10% moisture for effective cleaning and quick drying.
  • Moisture removal using injection-extraction machines.

Leather sofa cleaning:

  • Vacuum using HEPA filter vacuum to destroy dust and allergens.
  • Cleaning using water-based cleaners which removes dirt-spots.
  • Conditioning using leather conditioners for making soft and shine.

Clean N Care Provides:

Clean N Care discounted a leading distinct laboratory to test the performance and healthfulness of our Warm Carbonating Extraction cleaning process. The lab concluded that Clean N Care’s process that erases an average of 94% of common household allergens from sofa. The allergens tested were dog and cat dander and dust mite allergen. In addition, the lab found that our process, used along with a sanitizer, removes an average of 89% of the airborne bacteria in the home, improving indoor air quality.

Clean N Care professional upholstery cleaning service packages:

  • Deep Clean
  • Clean and Protect

Our service are designed to meet your household cleaning needs with the highest professional standards. We provide the most thorough deep clean including:

  • Thorough cleaning inspection
  • Identification of woofs are used in your sofa
  • Review of pre-existing agreement of your sofa and upholstered items
  • Sofa fabric experiment for compatibility
  • Thoroughly vacuuming
  • Observation and customer proof once process has been completed

We also specialize in Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential Cleaning. Our qualified professionals at Bangladesh, Its Solution can take care of your household cleaning, maintenance and repair projects, both indoor and outdoor. It is a timely and cost-effective way. We specialize in windows, carpets, upholstery, steam cleaning, and more. If it's dirty, we clean it. We are here to satisfy you.


Why Choose Clean N Clean:

We use the spontaneous, the same friendly carbonated cleaning accomplishment we use to provide your sofa that deep-down, well clean, to work wonders on upholstered furniture as well. That means our cleaning process for sofa is definitely safe for your family.


You can trust our cleaning service with:

  • Cleaning
  • Honing
  • Diamond Grinding
  • Polishing & Re-polishing
  • Color Enhancing
  • Stain Removal
  • Sealing
  • Scratch Removal

Clean N Care Service can do all the painting, cleaning and general handyman services that you require.


We take the hassle out of repainting your home and with years of experience we guarantee an excellent finish. Clean N Care is known for its quality cleaning services available at affordable. We are the preferred choice of thousands of customers in Bangladesh. We deliver the finest and safest sofa cleaning services to our domestic and commercial clients. Cover all suburbs of all areas and have more than 9 years of industry experience. We work hard to give our clients a memorable and truly unmatched cleaning experience that goes over and above their expectations. Certified, Professional sofa cleaning!

We provide our service to the entire Bangladesh.