Kitchen Cleaning

Cleanliness is critical specifically when you are in the food business. Everything starts and ends in the kitchen, so you might as well make your kitchen and the entire restaurant as clean as possible. A clean restaurant is a reflection of the owner’s values and priorities. When you serve the best food in town, it is only right that your high standards will be carried over to the cleanliness of the restaurant especially the kitchen where the action is. Your customers will be happy, and so is your staff.


You can keep your duct and kitchen clean. It has a number of benefits as well as it being essential to ensure in the event of a fire your insurance will not be invalid. Clean N Care-civilizes good work practices by the kitchen staff Customers who notice their food being prepared will expect the clean and hygienic kitchen. A spotless kitchen will give your business a higher 'scores on the doors' and hygienic score.


Clean N Care Provides:

  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning
  • Kitchen chimney cleaning including baffles
  • Kitchen-top scrubbing, stain and grease removal
  • Kitchen wall scrubbing
  • Kitchen cabinet cleaning inside and out
  • Kitchen closet polishing with wood cleaning and de-greasing solutions
  • Window mesh and channel cleaning
  • Kitchen floor cleaning with acid-based cleaners

Why Choose Clean N Clean:

<p>We provide major housekeeping services.We are expert in kitchen cleaning services Bangladesh.We have mastered ourselves in kitchen cleaning services in Bangladesh.A kitchen is a place that should be hygienic. It is a place where all foods are cooked. This place needs a professional cleaning. Having microbes and harmful micro-organism loves this place.We require regular cleaning for a kitchen.</p>

We use body friendly chemicals:

  • All-purpose surface cleaner for counters
  • Dish-washing liquid for hand-washing and/or dishwasher
  • Clean N Care supplies: baking soda, vinegar, lemons, etc.
  • Stainless steel cleaner for sinks, appliances, etc.
  • Sponges for dishes and surfaces
  • Rags, micro fiber cloths, or paper towels
  • Scrub brush for pots and pans
  • Bottle brushes to scrub out of the inside narrowed items
  • Dish gloves to protect your hands
  • Cleaning bucket to hold all your supplies
  • Organic chemicals and mild surfs
  • Chemical with bio-degradable organic stuff.
  • Urgent and instant response at the door step.
  • One time deep cleaning.
  • Contract monthly,quarterly,half yearly,annually.
  • Complete make-over from dirty to new.
  • Professional cleaning methods with most advanced techniques.

Before any cleaning will commence, we, at Hector Cleaning Service Inc., will take the time in understanding your restaurant business and its cleaning and maintenance requirements. Afterwards, we will devise a cleaning plan that caters to your restaurant’s cleaning needs. We provide our clients with a plan that details the areas that need cleaning, the cleaning supplies and materials we will use in cleaning them and the cleaning methods our staff will employ to clean these areas. We deliver high quality and safe cleaning every time and all the time. We have an in-house quality assurance specialist to ensure that the entire premise is cleaned thoroughly and exactly as owner’s expectation.