Glass Cleaning

Glasses and mirrors are called dirt and dust magnets. They can easily take the dust and ensure cleaning. As we know, any dust or dirt on the glass will diminish the amazing view you can see from your windows. Even the grime prevents the sunshine from coming in. Despite careful washing, you cannot wash them perfectly. You should trust clean N care services if you are also one of them. We provide the perfect glass cleaning service in BD.


Why should you clean your glass?

Usually, dust and dirt particles stick easily on glass. The dust and dirt will not only destroy the look of your window but also increase the allergens' growth. This is the main reason you should clean the glass to avoid the skin and other diseases like the cold. In this situation, you should hire a professional to clean your glass and mirror. They will eliminate unwanted and harmful particles.

During the morning, sunlight is necessary for human health, but dirt and dust on the window do not allow sunlight to come in. So, it is important to clean the glass. For example, in Dhaka, the environment is polluted. If businesses properly clean their windows, then the employees stay healthy. So, it is important for every business to avail of clean N cleaning services.

We provide glass cleaning services for

We provide glass cleaning services in Dhaka. Mainly we provide the following cleaning services.

Commercial building glass cleaning: In Businesses, thousands of employees are working for them. We provide the most appropriate cleaning services for commercial buildings in Dhaka.

Apartments glass cleaning : The majority of people live in apartments. If apartments are not clean, no one can live there.

Shopping malls glass cleaning: Millions of people go shopping every day. Many shopping malls are located beside roads, and they get dirty easily. Dirt on the glass wall of shopping malls makes their appearance bad. But we clean it perfectly

Hotels and restaurants glass cleaning: Dirt and dust particles do not look good on glass surfaces. We provide cleaning services and bring the shine again to your glass.

Educational institutes glass cleaning: Kids are precious to us. Dirt particles on the glass produce allergens and result in health problems. We are offering glass cleaning services to schools, colleges, and universities.

Government building: Cleanliness indicates good citizenship. Besides keeping a safe and healthy environment, government buildings must have dust-free windows.

Religious building: Worship places are crucial for religious people. They are crucial for us also. We serve the glass cleaning service for every sector in Dhaka.

Hospitals: Keeping clean windows and glass is crucial because bacteria and germs are highly likely. We are serving glass services to hospitals also

Our glass cleaning method

Achieving dust-free glass is a big challenge. People spend hours rubbing and spraying windows but need to get satisfactory results. We are professional glass cleaners. Our glass cleaning methods are

  • First, we prepare a unique solution to clean the glass surface.
  • We use an important scrubbing method that covers every glass edge to clean it properly.
  • Afterward, we use a high-quality squeegee that cleans every corner of the glass.


We provide glass cleaning services in the areas such as:

  • Gulshan
  • Banani
  • Motijheel
  • Mirpur
  • Dhanmond