Corporate Cleaning

Clean N Care is a top cleaning service provider in Bangladesh. First impression counts, we assure your premises are always looking its best. All day long Services specialize in providing top quality commercial cleaning services at reasonable rates. Our cleaning services include general cleaning for common and public areas, lifts, corridors and washrooms for offices, food courts, shopping centers, hospitals and other businesses.

Clean N Care Provides:

  • Vacuuming all carpeted areas
  • Removal of all trash and recycling
  • Dusting and wiping all counters, desks and tables
  • Sweeping and mopping all floors
  • Cleaning of kitchen/eating area

A messy and dusty surrounding can seriously affect a person’s health caused by the dust they inhaled at work, along with a disrupted peace of mind. Hence, it is essential to work in a clean environment that sparks great inspiration and ideas in the workplace.

That is why it is essential for corporate companies to engage with Corporate Cleaning Services in Bangladesh. We provide reliable Corporate Cleaning Services. Let our reliable and experienced professional cleaners make your workplace a clean and enjoyable environment!

Our Corporate Cleaning Services includes cleaning and sanitizing tables, vacuuming of carpets, cleaning of cabinets, toilets, windows, pantries and more. Be it Daily, Weekly or Monthly, we provide flexible cleaning service that is accommodating to your company’s needs.

Why Choose Clean N Clean:

We have mission to help needy people by sharing with them the wealth and knowledge, providing office carpet cleaners with job security. We care about the poor animals. We also want to help them on this earth.

  1. House Cleaning - Dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing and washing windows. These are just a few of the jobs around your home that can become a bit overwhelming and take away from your free time. Let us receive these tasks and you can just take a rest and enjoy a nice well cleaned home.
  2. Office Cleaning - A clean office is a productive office - and it is more appealing to your employees, customers and vendors too. Moreover,to keep the office well-cleaned and fresh is a job no one wants. We wish to take over the routine cleaning and give you an office that everyone will definitely appreciate.
  3. Clean N Care (CNC) Services - As a full-service cleaning company, we offer CNC services as well. We provide service also with reasonable price.

The clean environment of your office and workspace says a many about your business. Whether you need daily, weekly or monthly office cleaning, we give service about it all. We provide services that every renowned company and their customers deserve. We have reliable and honest employees who go above and beyond to ensure you that you’ll feel fully satisfied.

We are here to maintain the clean, healthy environment for your employees and client is an important part of your responsibility as a business owner. And with the Top Line Building Maintenance, it’s easy. You can expect youthful, sparkling bathrooms, an aesthetically pleasing lobby, and tidy, healthful work spaces for your valued employees.