Carpet Cleaning

Clean N Care is a family-owned and operated business with many years of experience serving a high quality carpet cleaning services to Bangladesh. Now-a-days many people want to have their carpets cleaned using environmentally safe and non-toxic products. Our professional cleaning group use non-toxic cleaning products that are 100% safe for people, pets, and the environment. All Carpet Cleaning uses environmentally safe cleaning manufactures for all residential cleaning services to ensure the safety of your home.

Categories of carpet:

  1. Nylon
  2. Polyester
  3. Olefin
  4. Wool etc.

Clean N Care Provides:

Best House Carpet Cleaning:

Most people have carpets in several areas of their home. Our team cleaning equipment can access at high distances of under special circumstances. We use our portable humidity cleaning layout to reach carpets that are out of reach. Our cleaning service brings quality and comfort to your resident with expert carpet steam cleaning.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Areas:

Clean N Care can dry cleaning carpets in all areas of your home. We steam clean bedrooms, living rooms, studies, home offices, dining rooms, hallways and much more.Carpet Cleaning is a specialized work because maximum customers invest heavily in carpets and they want to maintain their natural look and feel after washing and cleaning as well. If you expect the top class Carpet washing and repairing in Dhaka and Chittagong area we are your 24*7 service providers. We are one of the largest store in Bangladesh. We understand that your biggest worry is regarding carpet cleaning and washing services is the use of exceeding chemicals, detergents, and water.

Shampoo Cleaning:

If a carpet one is more than a few months old and contains some light stains or spills, the right shampoo brings it to its former glory in no time.

Carpet Repairing:

We always controvert to restore the aesthetic charm your places in which carpets are an undivided part. Carpet cleaning and repairing among Bangladesh.

Carpet Refraining:

We give our customers complete right of selecting the fringes they like such as styles, lengths, colors, and textures etc.

Why Choose Clean N Care Service:

  • We work flexibly.
  • Eco-friendly steam cleaning services.
  • 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Knowledgeable steam cleaning staff.

You don’t ever have to ask United Carpet cleaners for organic, nontoxic or biodegradable products. It doesn’t cost you extra and you don’t have to wait for a clerk to order or restock the products. That’s because every single one of the products we use are simply the safest as well as the most effective on the market. We are committed to finding the products that will leave your space spotlessly clean, fresh smelling and with the healthiest environment possible. No arguments, no excuses! You don’t need to tell us twice to do our best job the first time!

Our business would not becompleted without our customers, and our inscription to customer service gives an instance about this. We work hard to be your carpet cleaning as your choice, and you'll feel the difference from the moment that you get in contact with us.